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2. The Beauty of Tang Poems and Zhuanshu
唐诗与篆书之美 (Abstracts 摘录) .

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Artist, author and web designer: Marie Sun (also named Marie L. Sun, 孫羅瑪琍 and 孙罗玛琍)

I have been interested in art ever since I was a little girl. Since my retirement, I have joined Ms. Carly Johnston's wonderful painting class (at the Life Entertainment Center, in the Tampa Bay area, Florida) in order to hone my artistic skills and have greatly enjoyed my time painting with my classmates. Now I would like to share some of my paintings with others as well.

In addition to painting, I have a love for Chinese poetry, verses and calligraphy. I would credit it to my dear parents whose hobbies inspired me to explore this genre of Chinese literatureat at an early age. In their memory, my elder son, Alex, and I created "The Beauty of Tang Poems and Zhuanzi 唐詩與篆字之美" which translates some of the most beautiful poems from China’s Golden Age of Poetry in the Tang Dynasty to anyone who may be interested.