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    It translates some of the most beautiful poems from China’s Golden Age of Poetry in the Tang Dynasty.
(The book will be publish by Amazon soon   ; 本书将由马逊公司出版)
Abstracted contents   (唐诗摘录) :    


Tang Poem Zhuanshu Calligraphy referred by the book  书中引用之唐诗篆书书法
特朗普外孙女:阿拉贝拉 背诵 唐诗 早發白帝城 - 李白;     Trump's granddaughter, Arabella,  recited Tang poem 'Setting Out Early from Baidicheng' by Li Bai. View the poem's background and zhuanshu calligraphy at MarieSun.com      

3. Maps referred by the book  书中之地图

4. Instructions for beginners on how to download free Kindle App for reading eBooks.

5. Others - enjoy Marie's Paintings (not related to the book)

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Co-author of book "Tang Poems" and web designer : Marie Sun, also named Marie Luo Sun, Marie Lo Sun and 孙罗玛琍

Marie was born in mainland China in 1942 and moved to Taiwain in 1949 with her family during the China civil war. Marie educated in Taiwan and graduated from National Taiwan University in Taiwain, China in 1965, majoring in Economics. She continued her education at HCC and University of South Florida, in U.S. in computer field. After that she worked in computer industry for various companies. After retired from IBM, she continued working in computer consulting firms for years.

She has a love for Chinese poetry, verses and calligraphy. It would credit it to her dear parents whose hobbies inspired her to explore this genre of Chinese literatureat at an early age. In their memory, her elder son, Alex, and she created "Tang Poems" 唐詩 which translates some of the most beautiful poems from China’s Golden Age of Poetry in the Tang Dynasty to anyone who may be interested.

She is also interested in painting and reading. She would like to share some of her paintings with others as well.